Lekshmy Sankar

Welcome To The World of Lekshmy

Life is the intersection of potential and opportunity.

Data and Strategy

Organizations either don’t know where to start with data or they are excellent at data collection but aren’t sure what the next steps should be. Without direction and strategy, data is no better than just bunch of random numbers. I can guide organizations and show the path from data hoarding to making intelligent and calculated decisions based on the data collected.

Technology & Vision

Technology can be an amazing tool but if we don't focus on what we're accomplishing with technology it can also be an amazing time waster. I am passionate about technology and its impacts, for better or worse. I extend an open invitation to you to explore technology's impacts on our world with me.

Change Management

Change can be frightening but life presents us with the challenge through change and how we respond speaks volumes about who we are. Lekshmy consults with companies to help them transition through change or seek change when the organization is ready to move to the next level.